Washington Community Schools has four elementary, one junior, and one high school. ESL (English as a second language) student population has grown considerably in the last few years. Washington Community Schools serves an ever-increasing ESL population. LEP (limited English proficiency) and FEP (fluent English proficiency) students have shown consistent improvement as demonstrated on ISTEP+ and the Las Links Spring Assessment. Washington Community School students made AMAO (Annual Measureable Assessment Objectives) the last two years which measures student growth in learning the English language as measured by the Las Links Assessment.

All students who are new to the school district and who indicate on their enrollment form that English is a second language of the student are assessed within 30 days of enrollment. Language Proficiency level is determined and a letter is sent to the parent indicating the child’s level of service. Students begin services within the 30 day period as needed. Parents are given information about the program and the teacher(s) and principals are made available for questions and answers.

Direct instruction is provided to students in a variety of ways. All students in the district who are Las level 1, 2, or 3 receive direct pullout services in small groups. Las level 4 or 5 students typically require less direct student services and are instructed by the classroom teacher with consultation available from reading resource, guidance counselors and ESL staff as needed.