Little Pictures, Big Stories

Mr. Erik Browning and Mrs. Randi Browning recently completed a classroom project that provided secondary level students with an opportunity to collaborate with elementary school students in a creative exercise that enhances the older students’ writing and keyboarding skills. Mrs. Browning’s first grade class created a picture, of their choice, for Mr. Browning’s 3rd period keyboarding class. The high school keyboarding class used the pictures to compose a story.

Here’s how it works:

Ask an elementary teacher in your school district to have his/her students draw a picture that will be sent to your high school keyboarding students (children in grades k-2 are the optimum age group for this exercise). Be sure to have enough pictures so that each keyboarding student receives at least one.

Upon receipt of the pictures, have your keyboarding students write a story for the pictures they received. Assign one picture per student. Before students begin writing and keying in stories, be sure to specify the length and any formatting guidelines. Have students proofread their work carefully.

When the stories are complete, send them back to the elementary students. The elementary students will love the attention from the “big kids,” while the upper level students gain practice in their writing and keyboarding skills while bringing joy to a “little kid.”

On February 21st, Mr. Browning’s class walked down to North Elementary and read their stories to Mrs. Browning’s students. The first graders really admired the high school students and their creative stories.