Welcome back WHS students and parents.  Listed below are new initiatives and focus areas for this school year:

*WHS has instituted changes to how students earn Academic Honors diplomas, for more information click here.

*As a part of our school improvement plan, Washington High School is implementing a school wide writing focus called “Hatchet House Writing” in all classrooms.  This initiative will give students opportunities to focus on writing fundamentals in all their classes, not just Language Arts.  Our faculty prepared for this effort in training last school year.  The poster and rubric are available online.

*Communication with parents is a major point of emphasis for our faculty/staff this school year.  Please make sure all demographic information is updated in Harmony, including phone numbers and email.  This can be done on-line with your Harmony user name and password you received in the mail.  We will continue our weekly email bulletins in September.

*Click here for a grading period and mid-term calendar for this school year.  We will not be mailing mid-term grades home, but will send a global connect call to parents to mark the mid-term point and encourage on-line viewing of grades in Harmony.  Faculty will be making home contacts for students with failing grades at the mid-term dates.

*WHS is continuing to close our campus for lunch time.  Grades 9-11 are eating lunch on campus, while seniors are open to leave the campus for lunch.  A detailed daily schedule and exception (delay, convocation, etc.) schedule are available.  Additional plans are in the works to add food options for juniors.