Ms. LeAnne Kelley Principal
Mr. Troy Zollars Assistant Principal
Mrs. Lisa Bouchie Pupil Personnel Secretary
Amanda Gentry Secretary to the Principal  
Mrs. Holly Payton Book Rental Clerk

Health Services

Mrs. JoAnn Meece Registered Nurse


Mr. Anothony Barnard Academic Dean
Mrs. Cathy Stenftenagel Counselor
Mrs. Delora Lamb Counseling Office Secretary
Mrs. Maria Killion VU Early College Coordinator
Mr. Matt Lemon Credit Recovery Assistant


Mr. Gene Miiller Athletic Director
Mrs. Stephanie Garland Athletic Office Assistant
Mrs. Denise Rodgers ECA Treasurer


Mr. Dale Allison Ag/Welding, Department Chair
Mr. Jason Johnston Technology Education
Mr. Joseph Furman PLTW
Mr. Dave Harman Advanced Physical Education
Mrs. Barb Knepp Physical Education/Health
Mr. John Wilkins Art
Mrs. Jennifer Peachee 3-Dimensional Arts
Mr. Doug Sydow Instrumental Music/Music Theory
Mr. Scott Griffith Choral/Music/Theater

Social Studies

Mrs. Susan Zipperle Government/History, Department Chair 
Mrs. Lori Hancock US and World History
Mr. Gary Twomey US History
Mrs. Jaime Halter  Psychology/History

Language Arts

Mrs. Kelaine Harman English, Department Chair
Mrs. Angela Barnard English
Miss Marisha Zimmerman English
Mrs. Jamie Strange English
Mrs. Breanna Thurman English
Mrs. Melissa Steineker English
Miss Jessica Miller English/Spanish
Mrs. Tara White Media Specialist
Mrs. Jackie Esch Reading Specialist


Mr. Wes Taylor Geometry/Algebra II 
Mr. Kevin Stallman Calculus/Physics/  AlgebraII, DepartmentChair
Mrs. Rhonda York Algebra I/Geometry/ Pre-Calc 
Mrs. Paige Rohrer Algebra I/Pre-Calc/ Algebra II
Mr. Matt Riney Algebra and Geometry
Mrs. Jessica Hadley Algebra I/Geometry/ Pre-Calc


Mr. Bill Turner Business, Department Chair
Mr. Bernie Butcher Business/Computers 
Mr. Erik Browning Business, Intro to Life and Careers 
Mr. Brian Hancock Accounting, Buisness 
Mr. Cummings Family & Consumer Sciences  

Foreign Language

Mrs. Christine Myers French
Mrs. Laura Schilling Spanish
Miss Jessica Miller Spanish/English


Mrs. Suzanne Hawthorne Science, Department Chair
Mrs. Brenda Stallman Science
Mrs. Elizabeth Schaffer Science
Mrs. Valerie Clarke Science
Mr. Dave Harman Science

Special Education

Mrs.Sara Kelso Resource
Mrs. Cindy Wilson Resource, Department Chair 
Mrs. Stacey Fox Resource
Mrs. Lacy Inman
Functional Skills Center
Ms. Kendra Veale Functional Skills Center
Mrs. Paula Counsil English as a Second Language

Information Technology

Mrs. Kathy Finn Technology Coordinator
Mr. Todd Riker Director of Technology
Mr. Jarrad Holbert Technology Assistant

Naval Sciences

 Capt. Neil May Senior Naval Science Instructor
 Chief Barry Reister Naval Science Instructor

English as a Second Language

Mrs. Paula Counsil ESL Coordinator